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Impact Stories


Ava and Tony Coleman’s Impact Story

1)  What was your life like before attending Impact Church?
Ava - I was raised in church and always felt like I had a good spiritual foundation.  Although I spent a lot of time in church, I was confused about God.  How could He be so loving and full of wrath at the same time.  I thought God kept a long list of things I did wrong.  I was lost and unsure about how God felt about me.  I was far from perfect and was sure I had this spiritual walk, all messed up.  Thankfully, God had other plans for me. I was invited to Faith Christian Center and although it was several years before I visited, it changed my life for the better.  
Tony – I always knew there was a power higher than myself.  I referred to Him as “the Man Upstairs”.  I had visited a few churches in my life, but I didn’t feel connected enough to become a member.  I was going through life just trying to be a good person and treating people how I thought you should.  I didn’t realize I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  One day, Ava invited me to attend church with her and the rest is history.  I accepted Christ on the first visit and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

2)  How did your life change after joining Impact Church and becoming a part of Impact Nation?

Ava – Since joining Impact Church, I have developed an amazing relationship with God.  I remember during new members orientation, that we prayed for the gift of speaking in tongues.  It was surreal to me, that I asked God for something and it happened in minutes.  That was the start of me boldly asking God for whatever I wanted.  I was finally hearing the Word in a way that made sense.  I learned that God does love us, and He isn’t keeping score of our sins and missteps.  For the first time in my life, I felt free.  Free in Christ and free to walk in the divine purpose that God has for my life and free to love myself.    
Tony – Coming to Impact changed my life.  The first time I visited, I felt like Bishop Davis was talking directly to me.  It was easy to say yes to Jesus after that Word.  I left that day looking forward to learning more about God.  I went through Growth Track and joined the Hospitality Team.  Ava was surprised about that because that is the opposite of who I am.  I’m not a big talker and I don’t smile a whole lot, but I saw it as a chance for God to use me in a way that was different from my usual.  I’m still learning a lot about myself and about God.  I now understand that God loves me for who I am because He made me this way on purpose.    

Our family has been blessed being a part of Impact.  We were able to use the resources offered by the Counseling Center for pre-marital counseling.  It has also helped us with blending our family.  Our 15-year-old daughter went through O.A.T.H. as a rising 6th grader and now serves as a worship leader for the Vault/Relentless ministry.  We also have a three-year-old who is well known in the Children’s department.  She loves learning about Jesus, attending worship and praising God.  Impact Church has been life changing for our family and we are blessed to be plugged in.   

3)  What is your life like now that you able to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference?
Our lives are now forever changed by being a part of Impact Nation.  We have loving Pastors and church family who love, encourage and pray for us.  We each have unique relationships with God that is consistently nurtured and continues to mature.  

We are collectively walking in the freedom of salvation and allowing our light to shine for those who do not know God.  I was hesitant in the past to share my salvation with others.  I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and turn people away from God because I still had issues and things that I was working on.  I understand now that being a work in progress is part of my testimony and that God can use my story to draw people to Him. 

The Hardwired series was one for the ages! It helped our family tremendously in understanding how God created us uniquely and intentionally.  Understanding how we’re made has allowed us to have mutual respect for each other.  It has also allowed us to discover our purpose and in turn make a difference for those we encounter daily.  Our story is still being written and it is definitely one of our favorites.