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Impact Counseling  provides Biblically based Christian counseling services in a safe and confidential environment to individuals, families, couples, and students. We understand that things like preparing for marriage, the birth of a child, or taking a new job are joyous events that also have the potential to bring some level of stress to our lives. 
Then there are those times in life during which you may just need spiritual, mental, or emotional support to experience Freedom in your life.  The Impact Counseling  is here to assist you!
Our Mission 
Our mission is to provide wisdom and excellent service to our members and the local community with integrity and Christ-like love.

Counseling Services Offered:
Pre-marital - *SYMBIS Facilitators
Divorce Recovery
Youth & Adolescent
Depression - *Non-clinical
Career (Purpose)
Financial - *Certified Financial Coaches

* We do not diagnose, counsel, or treat Mental Health matters.  We can provide referrals to licensed professional counselors if needed.

Our Team
Our counseling team has years of experience in ministry, all are Certified Biblical Counselors and several team members are Certified Financial Coaches.  Our staffing allows us to offer couple’s co-counseling or individual counselor settings based on the need.



Dr. Debra Jordan

Impact Counseling Director




Janae Carroll




Angelo & Donna Craig





Brad & Sharon Williams





Robert Coleman





Carla Brown





Alvin King

Financial Counselor




Dennis & Angela Bullock



To receive more information about services offered, or to schedule a confidential appointment, contact the  Impact Counseling  at (904) 725-3636, ext. 395.