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Celebrating Easter at
Impact Church in Jacksonville

April 17, 2022

Each spring we are greeted with new lifeand new beginnings. With this awakening many of us have during spring, it also brings about introspective thinking, including our relationship with God. A relationship with God is everlasting. It is the most important relationship we will ever have, and now is an ideal time to strengthen it.

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May, 2022

Long before John the Baptist performed spiritual cleansing rituals in the river, Jews practiced baptism as a traditional act of purification and the initiation of converts to Judaism. We can find some evidence of the origins of baptism in the book of Leviticus where the Levite priests performed a symbolic cleansing in water before and after performing their priestly duties

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        Father's Day
June, 2022

A Father’s Blessing
Come the third Sunday in June, it's time to celebrate fathers.  For a lot of us, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had a father or father figure that is a blessing to us, and Father’s Day is a day to recognize those who have made a positive influence in our lives. 

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The Importance of Taking Time to Step Back and Rest
July, 2022

Many don’t think that the idea of taking a sabbatical applies to them. But everyone comes to a time in their life where they need a moment to step back and reconnect with life and the lord. 
A sabbatical, most simply, is a period of leave. 
Throughout the Bible, many leaders had times of solitude with God that helped prepare them for ministry. For Moses it was the 40 years tending sheep before being called and 40 days on the mountain with God later in life. Jesus took 40 days in the wilderness to fast and pray before his ministry began. 

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